If you don't know 3D Compositing then this Software will be best to Design in 3D

If you don't have prior design experience in 3D or finding it hard to learn but find it interesting or want to create in 3D then this software is best for you as it allows to composite 3-D objects with 2-D images. It is Project Felix. Project Felix is a new Adobe application that makes it easy to composite 3-D objects with 2-D images. Our goal is to open up the world of 3-D design to individuals without previous 3-D design experience.
It allows to composite 3D and 2D assets into photorealistic images without a steep learning curve or complex workflow. Just drag and drop a 3D model, material, and light into your scene. Then choose your background image. Project Felix automatically detects the horizon line and provides gridlines to help you align and place your model. The app can even use your background image to generate the right lighting.

Project Felix comes with a free starter library of models, materials, and lights to help you get going the moment you open the app. You can also search and license 3D and 2D assets from Adobe Stock, and then save them to your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries to work with in Project Felix.
Play. Explore. Experiment. Project Felix makes it easy. Use selection and camera tools to change angles and perspective. Buttons, sliders, and setting options let you stylize details like the glossiness of the material and the intensity of the light. Project Felix makes automatic adjustments as you go.

And the best part is that it allows to preview you design before you render. So you don't have to render every time to see how it looks.You can also enlarge the preview window to see details up close. When you’re ready, render your design into a high-quality asset you can save and then open in Adobe Photoshop CC to refine further.
lso it saves your position in 3-D space with bookmarks.

With bookmarks, you have the ability to save and return to any kind of stored view. Even for a seasoned 3-D user, it can take time to get that perfect shot. Unlike 2-D, you need to keep moving and rotating around the object to understand the space. This means selecting different cameras and moving the view around to see the object from different angles — a seemingly infinite number of combinations, each resulting in a unique view of the object.
In 3-D, the changes you make affect the way your project looks in each of these various shots. For example, you may make a change in view combination 37 and want to see how that affects view combination 124. Without bookmarks, you would have to do your best to recreate that exact combination from memory.
The bookmarks tool lets you save specific views and go back to them with the click of a button. This allows you to quickly work between multiple angles without reinventing each shot. The ability to create bookmarks gives users the chance to work much faster and improve their workflow.
If you want to buy it or know more, here is official link : Adobe Project Felix
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