This Is Why Foods On Flight Not Taste So Good!

Many times you might have complained about food not so good on flights. You are paying for it and you don't get taste of food as you want. But the truth is you leave normal sense of taste behind when you leave from the ground. So what's the reason this bad taste? There are many reasons for this given as lack of humidity, low air pressure and the noise. The primary reason is pressure.
At about altitude of 35000 feet and you're moving at 500 miles per hour you are certainly pressurized lower than at sea level.This directly affects your senses. You can’t taste sweetness or saltiness nearly as well on an airplane due to altitude and pressure, as well as a lack of humidity. Cabin air also decreases your ability to smell, and tasting is as much about your nasal passages as it is your taste buds. At this altitude humidity decreases and it is less than 10% which is drier than deserts. According to the researches done this dryness and low pressure reduces sensitivity of taste buds to sweetness and saltiness by about 30%. And research also says that sour, bitter and spicy flavours are almost unaffected.
Its also due to smell. Up to 80% of what people think is taste, is in fact smell. We need evaporating nasal mucus to smell, but in low humidity our smell receptors do not work well and this effect makes food taste more uneven. Even alcohols tastes different on airplanes. So airlines have to give in-flight food by salting and spicing it much more than a restaurant on the ground ever would.
Even the noise that jet engines produce can impact our tongue. The high decibel level in cabin interferes with how people perceives taste. The sensitivity to saltiness and sweetness is reduced while the taste known as umami is increased due to which thirsty passengers might wish for something rich tangy, and they choose tomato juice often. In fact some airlines estimates that people consume tomato juice as much as beer on flights.
So this might be also reason to why taking food at noisy restaurant does not taste good always.
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