Volkswagen Group sales 5.2 million cars in first half of year!

Up to the end of June, the Volkswagen Group handed almost 5.2 million vehicles over to its customers. This corresponds to a rise of 0.8 percent compared with the previous year. In the month of June, new vehicle deliveries rose by 4.2 percent to 920,700.
Our Asia-Pacific region had reported almost 2 million vehicles handed over in the first half of the year (-2.7 percent). These included 347,000 units (+4.1 percent) delivered in June. In China, 315,300 vehicles were handed over to customers in June, corresponding to a rise of 5.2 percent compared with the previous year. However, the figures for the first half were impaired by the weak first quarter. In the first six months of the year, the Group handed more than 1.8 million vehicles (-1.9 percent) over to customers in China.

Volkswagen passenger cars were sold most. Then comes Audi followed by Skoda, SEAT, Porsche, Volkswagen commercial vehicles, MAN and Scania on the list of deliveries to customers. And it was most sold in Europe followed by western Europe, central and eastern Europe, north America, south America and Asia-Pacific.
Volkswagen AG known internationally as Volkswagen Group, a German multinational automotive company does growth in car market and performed better than previous year by 4.2% In 2016, it was the world's largest automaker by sales, overtaking Toyota.

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